Benoit Real Estate

While growing up and wondering about what would be my profession of choice, one thing became important to me: to significantly influence people and their lives. Whatever I would become, I knew I wanted to make a difference and positively impact others. Instantly, it became clear that high ethical and moral standards are crucial. Thankfully I always had that in my heart.

Throughout years of experience I have learned to master information and to transcend it into knowledge-- to use the latest in technology, multimedia and the best of the Web in favor of my clients.
Great personality and the best Real Estate tools available still would not bring out the ultimate best in me.

The secret lies in the joy I have in being a licensed Real Estate Professional. When your own pleasure translates into your clients' happiness, it means that your dedication and efforts will go beyond those of a regular agent. My final accomplishment and professional proposal is my client’s absolute satisfaction and therefore my own.

When it comes to your success, for me, it's personal.


Benoit Real Estate was absolutely amazing! I'd spent the entire day visiting other real estate agencies in Davis Square, and while they did good work, I must say that Benoit was the best from the moment I walked in. I'll admit that I was desperate--I needed to find a place that day to begin making arrangements for September 1st. A representative immediately began asking me what I was looking for, my price range, and other specifics. That representative--Will DaSilva--is what earns Benoit five stars from me. He was accommodating, polite, and--most importantly--extremely knowledgeable about not only the apartments we viewed, but their areas and even the people who were leasing them. I ended up selecting one of those apartments, and I couldn't be more grateful to Will and Benoit for helping me today. Whether you're a student, young professional, or looking to find a place for your family, i'm sure that Benoit can help you. Be sure to ask for Will!
Christian K.